Our Pledge and Mission

Our Pledge To Our Families

The moment that you contact us at your time of need or Pre Arrangements or just coming into our facility, you will know that we take pride in everything that we can and will do for you and your family.

We are proud to be known for giving careful attention to your wishes and ensuring each detail is fulfilled. We take pride and guarantee the family will receive the finest personal service before, during and after the funeral.

We offer extensive PreArrangement services which spare your loved ones from the task of making difficult decisions at a time of personal loss. By planning ahead, you have peace of mind in knowing that you have saved your family from making unnecessary emotional and financial decisions.

Our Mission Statement

To continue providing a quality of service that reflects our personal commitment of integrity to those we serve. Dignity towards a life that has been lived, and to pass on to future generations the value of honoring and celebrating that life which has been lived.


Our Staff


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